We pride ourselves on compliance with all ANSI/EIA/TIA cabling standards. Before cable installation. We will always install a fully compliant system in our new installations. We test, certify and warrant every new cable run that we install for you. Our test equipment is calibrated to the latest standards to ensure a fully compliant system

The choice of the best Ethernet cable for an installation depends upon several factors, and it’s not always a given that the best cable is the fastest. Other factors need to be taken into account, including the Internet connection speed, the capabilities of connected devices, and the cable lengths. We can make a recommendation on the best combination of cabling and price.

Installation of Category 6 CablE

Category 6 cabling is the latest addition to the structured cabling standards and has twice the bandwidth of Category 5e cabling, up to 200MHz. This improved bandwidth, together with vastly improved immunity from external noise, provides the potential for category 6 to support multi-gigabit applications. The Category 6 Standard document contains end-to-end cabling specifications, component specifications, field tester requirements, and measurement procedures, together with accuracy and reproducibility guidelines that ensure a reliable cabling system for installation.

All our technicians are trained by the manufacturer and certified in the installation of their cable products.

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